Steering Chip

I had been trying to improve Chip’s steering and responsiveness to turning left and right. He was slowly getting it. However, I realised that I could do it in way that would make more sense and be more fun for him. I decided that he might prefer going for a walk around the paddock and going around the trees. This way he could feel like he was going someplace and get an idea of why we are turning in the first place. What difference this made. Having to turn around the trees really helped his turns and his comprehension of what we are trying to get done. He became far happier and his confidence improved also. On the second day he got a bit ‘rushy’ but I just went with him and let him work it out. I didn’t wanna stress him. On the third day he slowed down a bit a relaxed. It is a great feeling when you can find a simple, easy way to help a horse learn.

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