All things in moderation

I have had a busy time lately. Attended clinics from a wide variety of clinicians. Harry Whitney, Ken Faulkner, Mark Langley, Ross Jacobs, Sofia Valencia and the list goes on. Clinicians in teaching the things they have to share can be dogmatic in the application of the their methods. They can be prone to using words like ‘never do such and such’ and ‘always do blah, blah’. Generally, their advice is very good. Any surviving clinician these days has to have have something pretty good to offer or they don’t fill clinics. What I have come to appreciate however is the advice my mother gave me growing up, ‘all things in moderation’. So while clinicians may instruct riders with strict prescriptions to help them learn, I think riders are wisest to apply what they feel is appropriate when educating horses alone. In this way each rider develops their own style as they must because, as I have found, no two people will do things the exact same way, particularly when you add the randomness of individual horse behaviour.

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