A patch of grass.

Sometimes you take your horse out of the paddock to someplace that has lots of fresh, green grass, say by the side of a road or something. The horse hogs into the grass without a thought and seems to really enjoy it. Then it comes time to put your horse back or to move onto the next thing and so you have to take your horse away from the grass. You notice them get kinda cranky about it and you just know they are blaming you for having to leave. They show no sign of gratitude for having had access to the grass and just seem to get dark on you for taking them away from it. I think too often people are like this, we begrudge when we no longer have the things we had but were never particularly grateful for having them in the first place. Makes you wonder how many things in your life are a moment of green grass that you should appreciate while they are there and how many things you consider a baseline entitlement.

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