Zeus Challenges

I find Zeus can be a challenging horse at times. He can go from being very cruisy to high energy in no time at all and without much stimulus. On top of this he fancies himself as quite the Alpha. What I find has been beneficial is that I have put Wizard in the paddock with him. Wizard isn’t a super dominant horse however, as an ex-racehorse, has abundant energy. Coupled with the fact that he has had extensive dressage training, Wizard has been a great antidote to flighty Zeus. While Zeus will duck dive, jump and spin, Wizard remains calm and ever persistent. Ignoring most of what Zeus throws at him Wizard just marches towards him nipping here and there relentlessly. Zeus may be high energy but he isn’t ‘endless energy’ the way Wizard is. Eventually Zeus became tired and , for a moment at least, had to accept that he isn’t the number 1 horse in the paddock. Of course I could watch all of this from the comfort of my back lawn. Happy with the fact that I have one horse training another in the paddock. I wonder what other ways I could come up with to save me from having to do all the work all the time.

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